Chakra Meditation - A Whole New Life!

Published: 09th March 2009
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Meditation provides a much-needed succor to the battered mind and soul. This fact is known for centuries to ancient civilizations, like Hindu. However, the Western world has only just realized the potency of meditation as a means towards a healthy physical and meta-physical existence. Chakra Meditation is one of the Meditation methods that is most popular the world over purely because of its simplicity and effectiveness in bringing about a change in anyone's life.

Chakra Meditation - A Primer

Chakra Meditation is the art of balancing and energizing all the seven energy centers in the body, called Chakras, in order to align the flow of energy through them. Here's a brief description of these seven energy centers, or the Chakras.

*Root Chakra. This chakra is situated at the base of our spine. It is related to the element earth. It controls our health and prosperity.

*The Sacral Chakra, located at the very center of the abdomen - this Chakra represents the element 'Water'and is responsible for emotional and sexual components of the personality.

*Solar Plexus or Power Chakra located just above the naval region and related to the element 'Fire'. It governs our will power, autonomy, and metabolism.

*Heart Chakra located at the center of the chest and related to the element 'Air'. It governs love, compassion, and relationships in our lives.

*Throat Chakra. This charka relates to sound we make or hear and governs our communication ability, creative faculties and reverberations.

*Brow Chakra, also named as The Third Eye Chakra, is located between the brows on the forehead. It is associated to the 'Light' part, which administers our acuity, understanding and vision.

*The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and represents the element 'Thought'. This is the Chakra which is responsible for wisdom, knowledge and our very consciousness.

You can calm the mind by focusing on these seven important energy centers and synchronizing them. This in turn will result in lower stress and greater contentment. Chakra Meditation can also help to heal any malady which is connected to these seven Chakras.

Chakra Meditation Power

Chakra Meditation involves three techniques in this order.

*Grounding - the idea behind this technique is to build a connection between your body and the Earth itself. You begin by visualizing a root growing from you and penetrating into the Earth. You need to really focus and visualize this in order for it to work.

*Centering Technique. This technique prepares you to receive rewards of Chakra Meditation. Just take half a dozen deep breathes and feel the existence of each part of your body by tightening and relaxing muscles in each part, while at the same time visualizing the hand of a potter centering a pot on the potter's wheel.

*Relaxation - this is the last step in Chakra Meditation. Everyone has their own ways of relaxing; there is no one right way, nor a wrong way to relax.

One of the popular methods of Chakra Meditation is detailed below:

*Sit comfortably or lie down in a comfortable position.

*Make sure your clothing is loose so that you are free of body tension and then shut your eyes.

*Take relaxing breaths - neither too fast nor too slow. Just give up your control on the breath, and let it flow naturally.

*Become aware of each organ of your body from foot to the head. Feel the aura around you as well as your clothes. With your eyes shut visualize everything that you would have seen had your eyes been open. Visualize life in darkness!

*All the negative thoughts and emotions should not be avoided. Let them be! With time and regular practice, these thoughts will disappear automatically. Rather, when no such negative emotion disturbs you, that is the time when you should consider that you have perfected the art of Chakra Meditation.

*Be aware of each and every detail of your body and let your mind wander at will from one to another.

This meditation exercise is beneficial at any time of day or night and may be done for as long as you like - the longer you meditate, the better the results will be.

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